I started keeping a journal when I was in college and often wonder who will read the pages and pages of stories, feelings, doubts, outrageousness, secrets, and dreams come true. My journaling hasn’t been inconsistent since I became a mother 21 years ago but I still love the power of written language.
Whether writing is for sharing or our own reflection and emoting, it is a silent way for expression. 
As a professional speech language pathologist and integrative health coach, I write a lot of information for my clients and other professionals.
This space on my website is where I am hoping people will benefit from this (kind of) “journal”—a place where I write my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and  suggestions about how changes to the brain impact people. And whether you are the person who has been directly affected or care for someone who has, there’s something here for you. 
May you find something here that resonates with you, inspires you, or makes you want to reach out and ask me a question!
Happy reading. 
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