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The Gift of Caregiving

By Abbe Simon | December 9, 2022

December 2022 While I prefer the word care PARTner to careGIVER, this holiday month suits the latter.   ‘Tis the season of “giving”.   What greater gift can someone receive than unconditional care?  While not wrapped in fancy paper or hidden in a stocking, a caregiver’s role is an indispensable gift.  Many of you reading this are […]

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Do You Sacrifice Sleep?

By Abbe Simon | November 9, 2022

November is National Family Caregiver Appreciation Month Do You Sacrifice Sleep? Are you a care PARTner who feels selfish when you want to go to bed early or take a nap in the middle of the day? (Gasp… really?!) Do you feel guilty getting into bed and indulging in a book or television program? Maybe […]

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Guilt Be Gone !

By Abbe Simon | October 17, 2022

October 2022 Care PARTners experience emotions that can often vary from day to day, hour to hour, or even minute to minute. This is a completely natural and understandable response to the role of caring for someone else.  If these feelings are not acknowledged, additional ones can emerge.  Specifically, feeling less healthy and well or […]

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Can you see my BOUNDARY?

By Abbe Simon | September 29, 2022

When my sons played baseball years ago, I was very aware of what “out of bounds” meant.  As a person who has found coloring calming and therapeutic, I know what it means to “stay in the lines”. And when my feet get planted on a bowling alley (maybe once a year), I try very hard […]

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You are My Only One

By Abbe Simon | July 15, 2022

By Abbe Simon, M.A. CCC-SLP I love James Taylor and the songs he writes. Lucky for me, he sang one of my favorites at his recent concert in North Carolina. While I may have been the “only one” standing and swaying in my section, I’m quite sure most of the audience found meaning in the […]

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Yeah, Man!

By Abbe Simon | March 22, 2022

Yeah, Man! Sometimes people with aphasia say a particular word or phrase over and over and over again.  The words can be spoken in different ways; they can sound like questions, they can come across as endearing, or they can be spoken with a negative tone depending on what the person with aphasia is trying […]

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Five Tips for Communicating With a Person Who Has Aphasia

By iCommunicare | June 1, 2021

Speak in a slightly slower speech rate and remember you are talking to an adult. Avoid talking “childlike.” Use visual supports.  As you are talking, use a whiteboard or blank paper to print salient, relevant words to enhance the message you are relaying. Point to items in your surroundings that relate to your message. Use gestures, drawings, facial expressions […]

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