Dementia Care and Coaching

Does someone you know and love have dementia?

Do you struggle to communicate and engage with your loved one?

Is there staff who may not interact with your loved one the way YOU would?

Are you searching for new ways to connect with your loved one?

Are you and your family overwhelmed by information and the need to plan for your loved one?

Would you like to discover ways to feel more hopeful?

If you answered "YES!" to any of these questions, iCommunicare can help you.

Dementia and its related syndromes are often associated with negative words, sad feelings, and loss.  While the diagnosis might not come as a "shock", processing the reality and planning next steps can be overwhelming.

Adjusting to the diagnosis and processing what it means for you and your family can be facilitated by a speech language pathologist or health coach that knows about dementia illness.

Abbe Simon's expertise allows her to provide the support, guidance, and strategies that can improve a family's ability to thrive despite what may feel like a scary reality.


sad old woman and elderly

Changes in memory that progress require skilled intervention by someone who is able to recognize each client's stage, strengths, and potential.

What makes ICOMMUNICARE's Dementia Coaching unique?

There are many speech therapists who provide therapy for clients with dementia.  Typically, these sessions are scheduled weekly for 30-45 minutes and address memory, orientation, and tips to aid recall.

Since insurance requires therapists document ongoing progress, traditional therapy sessions may be short term.

ICOMMUNICARE's coaching style goes beyond a "traditional" therapy approach to dementia:

  • Longer sessions provide a client and their family extensive education about dementia, how it progresses, and what to expect in the future.
  • Relationship centered focus ensures a family that support is provided so that all significant others are equipped with information (Home Health Aids, medical professionals, friends, etc...)
  • When possible, home visits allow environmental modifications to address safety and routine.
  • A combination of cognitive goals and health and wellness are incorporated into all ICOMMUNICARE coaching sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Offering in-person and telehealth services.

Schedule a free consultation to determine the best treatment plan for your individual needs.

An initial, free 30-minute consultation is arranged by phone or video conference to establish what services are best suited for your needs.

Tele-practice is available for those who are unable to make in-person sessions. It provides individuals and their family members to participate with ICOMMUNICARE should distance, travel, or other conditions prevent in-person meetings.

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